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Online Resources

The Para eLink is designed to be used by individuals who set their own pace through the units and for learners in facilitated courses, led by an instructor.

Getting Your Bearings

The Para eLink does not provide entry level computer or Internet-use training. However, you do not need to be a computer whiz or an Internet expert to use this site. Listed below are a variety of resources that novice, intermediate, and expert computer users may find helpful.

 Online Learning, the Internet, and Computing 

How to be a Successful Facilitator or Student

We can provide only general tips on how to become a successful online learner or instructor. Each classroom and organizational environment is different. Therefore, it is important that you follow the policies and directions from your own class or institution.

The Illinois Online Network has two excellent Resources on What Makes a Successful Online Facilitator and What Makes A Successful Online Student.

For Facilitators/Instructors

As a facilitator, you have a critical role in developing and maintaining a learning community that is cohesive, effective, and that will support the realization of the competencies for all Minnesota Paraprofessionals. If you are an instructor/facilitator, a special section in each unit—the facilitator supplement—lists activities and suggestions for teaching the unit in a classroom (live or virtual) setting.

In order to be most effective, courses should include some type of online collaboration and/or communication in addition to e-mail. Many ways of incorporating online communication are available at no cost. The list we provide is by no means exhaustive and we do not promote any companies, nor are we able to offer technical support. However, once you establish discussion boards, chat rooms, etc., the activities in the competency units have instructions on how and where to be incorporated.

 Free Community Creation Services (Chat Rooms, Discussion Boards, Forums, etc.) 


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