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Core Competency Area 6

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Area Introduction

All paraprofessionals should have the knowledge and skills needed to manage student behavior and assist in the social skill development of children who have challenging behaviors. Positive behavior and effective social skills are essential to a positive learning environment. As a Minnesota paraprofessional who works with students with special learning needs, it is important to have the skills to effectively manage student behavior and assist in the development of the social interaction skills of students.

Competency units in area 6 address the knowledge and skills regarding:

  • Legislation and ethical considerations for behavior management.
  • Factors that influence behavior.
  • Social skills and how their practice impacts relationships with others as well as learning.
  • Instructional practices and strategies to manage behavior and develop social skills.

Core area 6 covers basic knowledge and skills that paraprofessionals should know about when working with students who have challenging behaviors. Such topics include the goals of behavior management, planning for challenging behaviors, and the paraprofessional's part in behavior management. Other topics include strategies that support positive behavior, ethical considerations related to classroom management, information about student social skills development. and collecting data on student behavior. Successfully completing this training will enable you to more effectively support a positive learning environment.

(Clicking the hyperlinked competency code, e.g., 1K3B, will take you to the associated training unit.)

6. Managing Student Behavior and Social Interaction Skills
6.1 (6K1B) Understanding of applicable laws, rules and regulations, and procedural safeguards regarding the management of student behaviors.
6.2 (6K2B) Understanding of ethical considerations inherent in the management of student behaviors.
6.3 (6K7B) Understanding of the district-building behavior management plans for students.
6.4 (6K3B) Awareness of the primary factors that influence student behavior.
6.5 (6K6B, 6S1C, 6S2C) Ability to effectively employ a variety of strategies that reinforce positive behavior.
6.6 (6S3C) Ability to collect objective and accurate information on student behavior to be provided to licensed professionals, as appropriate and directed by a licensed teacher.
6.7 (6K4B) Awareness of the social skills needed for current and future environments.
6.8 (6K5B, 6S4C) Ability to reinforce the development of student social skills by using appropriate strategies to modify the environment.


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Your facilitator may ask you to turn in a written copy of the area review, in which case you can use either the pdf or rtf file. If your facilitator wants you to submit an electronic file, download the rtf file and open it in a Word Processor.

Area Evaluation


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