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K7: Knowledge of basic personal support needs of students with DCD (including the medical complications and implications of tube feeding, catheterization, seizure management, and CPR).

S1: Basic knowledge of how to effectively use and maintain orthotic, prosthetic, and personal assistive and adaptive equipment.

S2: Familiarity with the use of recommended mobility techniques for supporting students with DCD.

S3: Familiarity with strategies used to support the self-care, health, and safety needs of students with DCD.

S4: Familiarity with basic emergency and accident procedures useful with students with DCD.

S8: Familiarity with the use and maintenance of alternative and augmentative communication systems appropriate for students with DCD.


In Unit 3, Supporting Students with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities, you had the opportunity to learn about the following areas:

In Lesson 1 and the related concepts for that lesson, you learned the following four key activities for supporting students with DCD:

  • Supporting social competence;
  • Supporting physical, health, and mobility needs;
  • Supporting academic and educational skills; and
  • Supporting a safe environment for students to learn.

In Lesson 2 you had the opportunity to learn the definition of assistive technology device and assistive technology service and how students with DCD may benefit from the use of adaptive and assistive technology. In addition, you were able to learn the roles of the paraprofessional and other education team members to identify the need for, the use of, and the support required for assistive technology and adaptive equipment for students with DCD. Lesson 2 also included a facilitated activity that focused on the development of resources for a student with DCD and applying the knowledge and understanding gained from the entire unit.


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