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K6: Basic understanding of the referral, assessment, planning, and placement procedures specific to teaching students with DCD.

K8: Understanding of how the Individualized Education Program (IEP) is used to design and implement developmentally appropriate instruction for students with DCD.

K11: Knowledge of the role of related service providers (physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision services, etc.).

K12: Understanding of the paraprofessionalís role regarding communication with students, studentsí families, and the community that supports studentsí learning and well-being.

K13: Understanding of the paraprofessionalís role in working with providers of related services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.).

K14: Understanding of the paraprofessionalís role within the roles and responsibilities of teachers and support personnel in providing educational services to students with DCD.

Unit DCD-K6/K8/K11/K12/K13/K14 Lessons

  1. Reviewing Roles: The Paraprofessional
    1. Reviewing Roles: Other Members of the Educational Team—Teachers, Students, Other School and Community Professionals, and Community Members who Support a Student with a Developmental Cognitive Disability
  2. Reviewing the IEP Process
    1. The Role of the Paraprofessional in the IEP Process
    2. DCD: Understanding Assessment Areas and Tools
    3. Functional Curriculum and the IEP
  3. Re-evaluation of Students for Special Education Under the Developmental Cognitive Disabilities Category

What you will see on the following pages

Underneath the competency statement on each lesson page, a marker shows you where you are. The lesson numbers are hyperlinked.

Lesson Marker Example
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After each of the lessons, you will complete a brief interactive activity. To move through the unit's lessons, activities, and additional pages, use the next arrow image of next arrow at the top of the page, the next button next at the bottom of the page, or the links below the lesson marker.


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