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Welcome to the Para eLink!

Paraprofessional training has never been easier or more convenient. All of our training modules correspond to the core and specialized competencies established by the Minnesota Paraprofessional Consortium. Note that there are two new specialized comptetencies now available: Developmental Cognitive Disabilities and Other Health Disabilities. In addition, we've updated information relating to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to reflect the legislation in IDEA 2004.

In response to the IDEA amendments, the 1997-98 Minnesota Legislature established the Minnesota Omnibus Education Bill of 1998 (MS125A.08(b)) that requires paraprofessionals who are working in schools and with special education to have prior training and be supervised by licensed staff.


Policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, job descriptions, endorsements, and appraisal processes regarding paraprofessionals vary in each district. Please refer to your local district and school information to determine the appropriateness of any of the information on the Para eLink site.


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